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doctor Douglas Mattiollo

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Dentist in Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul - RS and São Paulo - SP. He holds a degree in Dentistry. Dental Contact Lenses, Implant Dentistry, Bichectomy, Orofacial Harmonization.

"At the beginning of my career, I sought a lot of improvement with the big names in dentistry in Brazil, and I picked up many new procedures for Rio Grande do Sul", he says. After some time, the opportunity arose to extend the services and Dr. Douglas started a new unit in Porto Alegre, where he works with a team of eight professionals. Currently, the demand for patients at the clinic is rising by around 27% per month. 

In order to assist his patients in this area, he made several trips to Europe, and went in search of knowledge and received certificates for the courses and training he took. With the success of his treatments, the dentist decided to create a social event called "Tooth Fairy", in which
allocates food collected in exchange for consultations, to children and the elderly in aid institutes. "In addition to providing my services, I can use my profession to help those most in need, and that is
reason to be very proud."


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